Poppy (Aiden Ashley), has welcomed her step-cousin, Chelsea (Emma Hix), to stay with her and her stepmom, Maggie (Joanna Angel), in the city. Chelsea’s an innocent girl, she’s been living in a small town and sheltered by her conservative family, and her step-cousin Poppy, is the complete opposite. Poppy welcomes her and encourages her to explore herself, adventure, and get out of her shell.

Chelsea welcomes the change. She can’t wait to start her adult life in a city, the world is her oyster, and Poppy can be her guide. But first, a nap! It was such a long journey and a day of fun catching up with her beautiful cousin. Poppy lies down with her sweet step-cousin, she brushes a golden strand from her face. “Remember when we kissed way back?” Chelsea blushes, she had hoped that Poppy would forget about that, even though the experience wasn’t a traumatic one, it was more embarrassing because of her inexperience. Chelsea knows she hasn’t changed much from back then, even the burning feeling inside of her is the same. Chelsea’s feels her nipples harden, her panties moisten, she looks into Poppy’s soulful brown eyes, “yes, I remember.”

Watch the story unfold..


AllHerLuv, MissaX





Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:36:29
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