Poppy (Aiden Ashley) finds her innocent step-cousin, Chelsea (Emma Hix) looking high on happiness. “You didn’t.. did you?!” Chelsea asks innocently, “what?” Poppy rolls her eyes, “you fucked the wicked witch didn’t you?!” Chelsea knows Poppy’s talking about her own sexpot stepmother, Maggie (Joanna Angel). How could anyone think that stunning woman is wicked? Although Poppy is often annoyed by her stepmom, she remarks that she has a wicked talented tongue! The two girls erupt in laughter when Maggie comes home. “You girls talking about me?” The girls look at each other knowingly. “I hope you have all nice things to say,” she winks flirtatiously.

After mind-blowing sex between Maggie and Poppy, Chelsea closes her eyes and dreams about her situation. Isn’t it funny how in just a few short weeks my life changed from night to day? I ran away from one family and into the arms of another. The stars work in mysterious ways and I can’t wait to see what other pleasures they have in store for me.


AllHerLuv, MissaX


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Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:31:15
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