Synopsis: Sensual and romantic “first time” sex between Jezebel Vessir and Liv Revamped at a therapy retreat for women.

Meet Doctor Flowers (Ariel X). She’s a psychiatrist who hosts a therapy retreat for women who struggle to find love. She’s strong, beautiful, confident, but there’s something hiding beneath her perfectly poised exterior, a pain of her own. She longs to be with what she thought was the love of her life, her ex-wife Aiden Ashley, but no one knows her well enough to pick up on this but her faithful assistant, Jayden (Cole). Dr. Flowers is more than an employer to Jayden, she’s a dear friend, and she offers to host the first therapy session while the Dr. collects herself.

Jayden meets with two beautiful women Maria (Liv Revamped) and Jezabel (Vessir). She introduces herself and asks the women to introduce themselves and share why they have come to The Rose Retreat. The women have in common that they are both hopeless when it comes to love, and they’ve heard of the incredible transformations of previous patients of The Rose. Jayden explains that many women don’t know that true love can come from either sex, and she asks the women if they have ever been with a woman before. Maria confesses she’s kissed a girl before and Jezabel is completely caught off-guard, she is speechless! Falling in love with a woman? The very idea of it seems so foreign, scary, but intriguing.

Later in the day Maria meets with Jezabel to talk about their first session. Maria has admired Jezabel’s lilith body, her long curly hair, her full breasts, lips, and oh– she’s quite possibly the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen. Maria asks her if she was uncomfortable with the session and Jezebel remarks that she can’t believe she was asked if she’s ever been with a woman. Maria laughs sweetly, “what if you tried to kiss a girl, to see if women were for you?”

Watch the story unfold..


AllHerLuv, MissaX





Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:36:01
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