Dr. Flowers (Ariel X) is pacing when the door opens behind her, it’s Aiden (Ashley). Dr. Flowers doesn’t see her at first, Aiden stands by the door until she is noticed. Dr. Flowers’ heart fills with excitement and joy. Is it possible that her ex-wife has come back to her? She throws her arms around Aiden, but Aiden doesn’t accept the embrace, her body is stiff.

Aiden doesn’t want to break Dr. Flowers’ heart more than she already has but she has come with a message, “it’s over.” Aiden wants Dr. Flowers to let her go, to let her live her life, move on! Flowers loves Aiden with all of her heart but if that’s what Aiden wants, she can have it. Flowers’ head is low, she doesn’t want Aiden to see her evident pain, but Aiden holds her hand in that familiar comfort as Flowers’ looks up at her with teary eyes. “What if we made love one last time?” Aiden purrs.

Watch the story unfold..


AllHerLuv, MissaX




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Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:34:32
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