A steamy encounter at The Rose Retreat between Jade Baker and Vanna Bardot, romantic and sensual.

Dr. Flowers (Ariel X) and Jayden Cole discuss the therapy workshops and how the women are progressing in their treatment at the Rose Retreat. It’s clear that Dr. Flowers still has her ex-wife (Aiden Ashley) on her mind, but burying herself in her work has always got her through tough times in the past. Jayden rattles off the names of the women, and shares good news about how the women are open enough to share their vulnerability, ready to heal and transform their lives for the good. Dr. Flowers nods with a smile at the news until Jade gets to two women who aren’t doing as well: Liz (Jade Baker) and Vanna (Bardot). Liz seems to spend a lot of time in her room not really connecting with anyone and Vanna just got out of an abusive situation, she’s cautious, and a little more closed off than the other women. Dr. Flowers and Jayden decide it would be best if the two women shared a room together.

Liz and Vanna are hesitant about sharing a room together, but quickly see the friendliness in their new roommates. They strike up a conversation about how they came to The Rose Retreat, they share their stories together, connecting in a way that they have not yet with any other patient or therapist at The Rose. Vanna offers to sleep on the floor since there is but one bed in the room, and Liz insists she shared the bed with her. The heat builds between the two women, both eager to find love, to move away from their past, and reconnect with someone new.

Watch the story unfold..


AllHerLuv, MissaX




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Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:34:08
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