Too bad Tali Dova doesn’t show her pussy (at least on the photo album), so we don’t know what Ray’s missing (the good news is Tali came back for cock stuffing). She’s nice looking and her slender figure, long hair and perfect breasts are very promising. She sucks cock well so a great newbie! Lizzie Bell, on the other hand starts naked and her cunt is on display in both photo and in this video. First, Lizzie starts the audition bare chested and has not viewed the website,, very little questions asked or answered, Ray’s dick quickly in her hands and on cue in her mouth. Soon, Lizzie’s saliva dribbles from Ray’s scrotum as she sucks him with no hands, a sign of Lizzie’s sub training or preferences? Ray’s ensuing balls slapping pistons missionary style prove efficient, judging by the shininess of his shaft. Ray takes advantage of Lizzie letting him have the initiative by stuffing her cunt to mouth at the 17:43 mark and back to her cunt! The next doggie style is sweet, as he grabs and spreads a buttock for better access and view of his pistoning Lizzie. At the 18:58 mark, great cowgirl shot and asshole display. The finale is a bit messy and clumsy, but she manages to get all of Ray’s cum back in her mouth like a sweet sub. Nice job! The final audition, with Piper Perri, (a very flattering tiny frame making big cocks look even bigger) embodies a recurring male fantasy: being serviced by a pretty girl as a buddy barges in, and sharing her cute mouth with another cock. Piper does a great job at going for full suction and gaging point. However, her braces could make a double barrel blowjob hazardous despite her terrific skills. But one can regret she’s not stuffed tight here and then, since her cunt looked so nice when she displayed it so generously. As for frontage or mixing both cum in her mouth, it didn’t happen. Next time?




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Published: January 3, 2020

Duration: 1:05:57
Views: 2.64K

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