Teenage petite Sadie Pop is hanging out with her step father. Mommy is out at the store for a few hours leaving the two alone. The little girl is used to doing whatever the man of the house tells her to. Sadie is getting to the age where her step dad decides it’s time to start teaching her about the birds and the bees. She needs to learn what boys like and how to make them feel good. Her step daddy shows her how to use her tight shaved pussy and tiny mouth. His big cock stretches open her warm teen hole. Sadie loves every second of it. She wants to do this all the time. Whenever her Mother leaves for the day, Sadie now has a new activity to engage in.

Petite teen brunette Sadie Pop approaches her step-father on the living room. She is wearing a yellow shirt and denim shorts. The two of them are alone in the house because her mom goes to get grocery. Her step-daddy starts to touch her body. He seduces her with his hard cock, telling her that he could teach her a thing or two about pleasuring boys. He guides her hand to his crotch. Sadie is a little reluctant but her step-father is so insistent. Sadie stands up and removes all her clothes. Her little tits and tiny pussy become visible in the camera. He makes her sit on the couch while he pushes his dick to her young face. Sadie licks and sucks his dick like a Popsicle. Sadie slides her step-daddy’s cock in and out of her tiny mouth. She tries to fit the whole shaft into her mouth but gags every time the tip of his penis touches the back of her throat. Sadie gives him a sloppy blowjob for a while before lying on her back. Her step-father stuffs his big cock into her wet cunt. His huge dick stretches her tight little pussy. He can feel her pussy lips wrap tighter around his dong. He keeps pounding her pussy. Sadie begs her step-daddy to fuck her harder while rubbing her clitoris. They continue to fuck in missionary position before he turns her around to rail her from behind. Her tiny butt bounces on his crotch. She can feel her step-dad’s dick go deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Sadie looks back at her step-father. Her eyes look like they are begging for more hard banging. He sits on the couch, letting little Sadie sit on his lap. She begins to grind her hips on top of his crotch. His dick churns the insides of her vagina. He fucks her in missionary position until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her cunt then lets her stroke and suck it. Sadie continues to blow his cock until he shoots his cum all over her hair. Sadie runs to the bathroom to wash her hair.


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Published: March 3, 2018

Duration: 0:15:31
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