Tana Lea is checking in on her step father. He has been down in the dumps lately. Her mother and him have been fighting a lot. The concerned girl loves the man of the house and will do anything to make sure he feels good. He tells her that they can’t do the taboo act again, but she insists. Tana uses her candy coated tongue to pleasure her step father. She works his thick shaft and tells him how much she loves him. Her pussy starts to drip and she soon needs more. Tana then mounts her step daddy and rides him. The big tits red head allows her step father to use her pussy and mouth to feel good until he is ready to jerk off all over her pretty face and huge boobs. Tana Lea knows that she does it better than her Mother ever could. She is happy to keep this man in her life.

Busty redhead Tana Lea comforts her step-father after he had a big fight with her mommy. She is wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts. Tana is ready to give her step-daddy the level of comfort that he will never receive from her mommy. She pulls out his dick and starts to worship it. Tana kisses the tip and licks the shaft before putting it whole in her mouth. Tana manages to take off her clothes while sucking his dick. Her step-daddy can’t resist her charming eyes any longer. He makes her step-daughter lie on top of the bed. With one swift motion, he inserts his cock into her cute little hole. Tana rubs her clit while he pounds his cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy. They fuck in the missionary position. Her big boobs bounce with every thrust. He lets her taste her pussy juice by making her suck his dick again. Her step-daddy bends her over and fucks her from behind. She can feel his hard cock stirring the insides of her vagina. Her soft moans are filling up the room. Tana stares at her step-father. Her eyes are begging for more hard pounding. He receives the message, pounding her step-daughter’s sweet pussy harder. The two goes back to the missionary position. Tana spreads her legs wider to make her pussy spread more. He continues to ravage her wet cunt. Each thrust is filled with passion. Her pussy lips grip tighter on his cock. She screams loudly as she cums on his step-dad’s cock. He keeps on fucking her in the pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick from her pussy and strokes it in front of her. He sprays his warm cum all over her face and big tits. Tana receives a messy facial and nice pearl necklace.


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Published: March 3, 2018

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