Violet Star wants to spend time with her Step Father but he is busy with his friends. The teen girl sneaks into his den while he is having guy time. She is quickly taught a lesson about why she shouldn’t do such things. In front of everyone, the all natural brunette is stripped naked. She is told to dance and be sexy. She tries but she is too young to really know what she is doing. Soon it doesn’t matter that she is his step daughter, she is going to be punished. In front of everyone, Violet Star is told so suck cock and get fucked. She bends over and does the best job she can in order to redeem herself. With every ounce of stregth she has, she sucks and fucks her Step Daddy until he is ready to blow his load all over her. Once she is done with him, the moment comes where he needs to decide if he should send her away, or turn her over to his friends to please all of them too.

Busty brunette teen Violet Star enters her step-father’s private room. She is wearing a black tank top and purple skirts. Violet went to her step-daddy’s room to retrieve her doll. However, she did not expect that he is going to sit right in front of the entrance. He commands Violet to sit while he scolds her. Her step-dad tells her that females that are not naked are not allowed to stay in the room. He starts stripping her step-daughter. Violet is a bit reluctant at first but a few ‘words’ from him is enough to make her take all her clothes off. She removes all her clothes, revealing her big busty boobs and thick ass. He makes his step-daughter dance naked in front of his friends. Dancing in front of strangers only made Violet wetter. She gets down on her naked and begins sucking his big cock. He grabs her head and shoves it against his crotch. Violet sucks, kisses and licks his cock like a sweet lollipop. The sloppy blowjob made him hornier. He lets her sit on top of his lap. Violet guides his penis into her vagina. They fuck in a seated reverse cowgirl position. She bends down to make her ass stick out more. The two continues to fuck in this position. Her huge ass bounces with every thrust. He bends her down on the couch then sticks his cock inside her tight pussy. The two fuck in the doggystyle position. She can feel his cock goes deeper and deeper with every thrust. Violet kneels down to taste her pussy juice, cleaning her step-daddy’s cock using her lips and tongue. They continue to fuck each other, shifting from reverse cowgirl to missionary position. He continues to pound his dick into her bushy pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. Her step-daddy pulls out his hard dick from her tight pussy. He shoots his load all over her voluptuous body and pretty face. Violet plays with his cum and rubs her pussy as she promises him that she will never tell anyone about their little adventure.


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Published: March 3, 2018

Duration: 0:15:46
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