Scene One: Mosaic

a) On the Floor with Step-Daddy, Kissing and touching

b) Bent over the Dinner table, shorts and Panties removed

c) Tossed to the bed, jumper pulled to the side, entered from behind.

Scene Two: Hiding in the Closet

Alex thinks she is safe in the closet but Step-Daddy knows where she is. He opens the door slowly to find her on the floor, he reaches out and says it will be okay. She is scared but trusts him. She holds his hand and he picks her up.

At the foot of the bed he pets her head and tells her he loves her then gives a kiss on the lips. Step-Daughter is pushed to the bed and she re-lives the nightmare over again…

Scene Three: Step-Mom Cums too late

“Alex where are you!” Step-Dad screams. “Who did you tell?” He grabs her and pulls her up from the couch. Everyone was looking at him at the gym and if she told anyone, Alex’s going to get punished hard. She pleads with him that she’s a good girl as he bends her over and takes out his paranoid frustration on her soft pussy.

Alex can’t fight back against her strong step-daddy and spreads her legs meekly for his big powerful dick. It destroys her, causing pain and pleasure to run through her body like cold ice. If she just can keep from cumming again she can maintain a shred of her dignity. But she can’t stop her body from betraying her and step-daddy rewards his little girl with a face full of cum.

Step-Mom comes home just in time to console her cum covered step-daughter.

Scene Four: Washing off the sins

Now that step-mom knows about step-daddy it’s going to be better, Alex thinks. She slides off her clothes and takes a shower, letting the warm water wash away her pain. She doesn’t notice her step-daddy watching her. When she comes out of the shower he grabs her from behind. Alex screams into his hand, step-daddy tightly muffling her voice.

He takes off her towel and exposes her perfect body. “Oh fuck” She moans unable to stop this nightmare. The worst part is that a small voice inside her likes it. Being used for her step-father’s pleasure. As she cries she moans in pleasure and cums like the little slut she’s turned into. “I’m so sore step-daddy” Alex pleads with him, getting a big load of cum on her nice clean face. She’s going to have to take another shower, but she’s not sure if she will ever be clean again…


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Published: August 27, 2021

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