Is This Bikini Small Enough Step Dad

Trying to make some coffee early in the morning when my Step Daughter Bess calls me into the living room. She is wearing a bikini and ask if it shows enough. I say her Step-Mother should be helping her but her Step-Mom is on a Business trip. The bikini looks fine but Bess wants to try on a different set. Before I can walk away, she strips out of the top and bottom and slides on another bikini.

Bess notices my morning boner and takes care of it like a Good Step Daughter. Before I know what is happening, I am fucking my Thicc Step Daughter on the couch and dumping my load inside of her. Should have checked if she was on birth control first…Good thing she is!!!

You Could have Knocked before Cumming in Step Dad

Walk to Bess’s room to see where her Step-Mom is…I find her naked with the door wide open. She says I could have knocked first and I tell her she should have had some clothes on. Good thing her Step-Mom is not home!!! Bess offers another fashion show but that is not what I am there for. Out comes my cock and down she goes on her knees. She sucks away at my nob and even spits on it to get it ready for her tight pussy!

I want to see how she looks on her bed, legs spread, pussy out. Quickly muse if the neighbors can see in the windows…She says no and I move onto her bed. Her amazing breasts look so nice as I pound away…Bouncing up and down, mesmerizing me with every thrust.

Again she wants me to finish inside and I am more than happy to abide by her. Sure hope the birth control is working or we have a lot of explaining to do.

Step-Mom Went to Bed, Want to Watch a Movie

It’s late Friday, almost dark outside and I am looking for the TV remote. There is Bess on the couch, completely naked. She says her Step-Mom is napping and nothing is on tonight. She wants to watch my cock go into her mouth and pussy instead. Her Step-Mom was not waking up anytime soon…My Step Daughter knew exactly what she was doing! My sneaky and busty Step Daughter…

I thought briefly what I should do…and then the Little brain took over as Bess went to her knees and sucked my cock. The best part of fucking my step daughter is the cute smile she always has when I fuck her…so cute!

Bess moans as my hard cock slips inside and out of her. This time she wants something different, she wants to taste her step dad and swallow his cum. I am perfectly fine with this and pump away till it’s time. Bess goes on her knees when I tell her and I unload into her mouth. Like the good Step Daughter she is, everything I shot into her mouth was swallowed, unlike her step-mother!!!

Now we can look for a movie and relax. Hope her Step-Mom did not hear us.

I Swallow Step Dad

Walking into my bedroom, Step Daughter Bess is laying on the bed. It’s raining outside and my Step Daughter is Horny and naked on the bed. Her Step-Mother is almost home and Bess wants one last sex romp! She opens her robe and plays with her pussy, I take a close look as I pull my cock out! I have not had this much sex in 2 years, time to invest in some Pre Workout Powder!

The thunder is roaring outside…Nothing like Summer time in South Florida! Taking Step Daughter to Pound Town and she loves it! One more thing to do and that’s to drop another load down her throat!

Just in time before her Step-Mom comes, just like last time, she swallows it all! Can’t wait for her Step-Mom to go out of town again so we can have another fun weekend!!! One last reminder to keep this a secret and NOT TELL HER STEP-MOTHER!


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Published: August 24, 2021

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