Today’s Ambushee is Tristan Summers who thinks she’s going to fuck Jay again. Again you ask? Yes, this 18 year old made her debut at ExCoGi under the name Tristan Taylor but today she’s going to take her FIRST Black cock! A BBC virgin who is as cute as they come. After Jay picks her up and does a little shopping, they start going back to the hotel but along the drive Jay stops for road head and our little Tristan sucks such a good cock, Jay cannot hold back and cums right in her mouth and she happily swallows it all down. Now back to the hotel they go and who does Tristan find in the hotel bathroom? Isiah and his enormous black cock ready for action. After her initial surprise, Tristan catches her breath and drops to her knees to suck her first black cock and this is a huge one. Isiah cannot get over how hot Tristan is, what a perfect little body and mouth. It isn’t long before he’s pounding that 18 year old pussy in the bathroom before taking her to the bed in the room. Grab your napkins and sit back and watch as Tristan shows her love for her first Big Black Cock. This is a good one!






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Published: August 25, 2020

Duration: 1:22:42
Views: 6.54K

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