Left behind at a house party in a bad neighborhood, lovely young Ashley Adams is scared for her life. Good thing she finds Bruno lurking in an alley, or is it? Ash tells Master Bruno how scared and desperate she is, but does it work? Well, it depends on which end of the cock she finds herself. Bruno asserts his dominance by spitting in her face and roughly groping her tits and pussy. He puts the frightened teen into a half nelson and pushes her into the alley where he rips her shorts and t-shirt off and fingerfucks her pussy with one hand while also corkscrewing some fingers into her asshole with the other. Naked and humiliated, Ashley has no choice but to let Bruno continue transforming her into a whimpering sex slave. Ashley has magnificent, large, natural tits and Bruno delights in slapping those big funbags raw. Next, he feeds her his big dick and she dutifully deepthroats it until he shoots his cum all over her face and tits.

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