Alexis Zara loves her job polishing watches before handing them off to their owners but she has a special way of polishing them that leads to them never finding their way back to where they belong. She stuffs them in her panties and in her bra thinking she can just get away with it. Mr. Adams catches her on camera and confronts her spreading her legs as watches drop out of her panties. Talk about being BUSTED! She tries to explain but the only thing Mr. Adams wants to hear is her moaning and gagging on his hard cock. She is going to be punished and maybe fucking her senseless is not the best punishment but how can you not want to fuck a hot babe like Alexis Zara? She can continue to try the 5 finger discount as long as Mr. Adams is the one to catch her in the act!


Busted, CherryPimps




Published: November 28, 2020

Duration: 0:19:55
Views: 1.85K

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