Chad White and his girlfriend are getting frisky when she starts to hint at a special surprise. As she teasingly tells him to be good or he’ll be arrested, Chad’s excitement grows. Could it be that he and his girlfriend are finally doing some roleplay?? He DOES have a thing for sexy lady cops…

Before he can find out for sure, his girlfriend insists that she has to step out awhile to get the surprise ready. All he has to do is stay put and behave himself!

After she leaves, Chad’s too eager to stay still. He parks himself on the couch and whips out his cock, deciding to rub one out right quick before his girl gets back. As he closes his eyes and enjoys his personal fantasies, there’s a knock on the door. He hears a woman’s voice state that she’s with the police and that he better open up.

Chad is delighted, keeping his eyes closed as he continues jerking off, thinking that it’s his girlfriend playing around. Little does he know, it’s a REAL cop sent to check out his house because of complaints from neighbors. Every time she gives him an order, Chad gets all the more excited for what’s to come… until he finally opens his eyes and comes face-to-face with Natalia Starr!

Chad is mortified as he tries to explain that he didn’t mean to be difficult — he thought she was his girlfriend since they were doing a roleplay! Natalia is intrigued, teasing him for having a thing for cops…. If he doesn’t want to have a criminal record because he can’t resist flashing his neighbors, he may as well let her end what he started…

Although Chad is hesitant, his resolve quickly crumbles as he melts under Natalia’s firm grip and stern orders. After she gets a taste of his cock and he gets a taste of her pussy, they climb onto the couch. As he starts things off by taking Natalia from behind, he has to admit that the real deal is way better than a roleplay!


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Published: July 18, 2020

Duration: 0:26:59
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