Derrick Pierce is just getting home from work when he discovers his stepdaughter, Everly Haze, masturbating out in the open in the living room! Furious and flustered, he tells off Everly for being so INAPPROPRIATE, although she doesn’t seem worried one little bit. Derrick is offended, unable to believe that she’s acting so brazen towards him, so he storms off to find his wife/her stepmother, Rachael Cavalli, to help dish out some discipline. Derrick finds Rachael in their bedroom but is shocked to find her openly masturbating as well! Rachael is sheepish, admitting that she’s horny for Derrick, having waited all day for him to get home. She’s so horny, in fact, that as Derrick tries to explain what’s going on with Everly, the only thing she can focus on is getting some from Derrick. Despite his confusion and reservations, Derrick can’t deny his sexy wife’s wishes… But as they start to get down to business, Derrick is once again dismayed as he catches sight of Everly watching them from the doorway. She’s even masturbating again! It’s too much for Derrick but his scolding goes nowhere, especially since Rachael is too consumed by lust and impatience to back him up. That’s when Rachael invites their bold stepdaughter to join them for a little fun to get EVERYTHING out into the open!


AdultTime, CaughtFapping


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Published: July 30, 2021

Duration: 0:42:01
Views: 3.23K

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