Bree Daniels is away on a camping trip with her friends. Since she’s more introverted, she’s quite contented to spend time indoors reading while her friends are out having adventures. Even when her friend, Emily Willis, comes by to try and tempt her out into the great outdoors, Bree politely declines. Since she’s in the middle of a book, she HAS to know what happens next! Although Emily is a little exasperated, she leaves Bree to nerd out in peace.

When she’s once again alone, Bree settles back to enjoy her book. However, she starts enjoying it TOO much when the book takes an unexpectedly steamy turn! Although she tries to resist the urge, she soon enough slips her hand inside of her shorts and masturbates as she continues reading the erotic chapter.

‘I caught you!’ Emily gleefully calls as she suddenly returns and catches Bree fingering herself, snapping Bree back to reality. Bree is embarrassed, though Emily doesn’t let it go as she teases Bree about how THIS is why Bree wanted to be all alone all along! Emily even offers to help Bree finish what she started, although Bree thinks she’s being mocked at first. Once Emily convinces her that she’s for real, the book soon lays forgotten…

They ease each other into their romp by playing with each other’s bouncy breasts, although they’re soon eager for more. Now Bree gets to experience the real thing as they lick and finger each other’s pussies, bringing Bree more delight than she ever could’ve imagined! Will Bree ever be satisfied simply reading erotica from now on??


AdultTime, CaughtFapping




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Published: July 18, 2020

Duration: 0:36:26
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