What is it about students and always coming so close to failing a class and being saved by the fact that teachers love to do some hands on learning… some sexual hands on learning. Something tells me Jaye has done this before with how she taunts her professor with her short skirt… teasing with her gorgeous pierced clit. Those piercing eyes as she deep throats that cock. Surely there is some way for her to pass the class. Her only homework should be working her magical tongue all over that dick and consuming it all no matter the size all the way in her tight little schoolgirl pussy. Jaye loves to suck cock and puts out her A+ work leaving Mr. Legend with no choice but to let her slide her way to the front of the class and slide right on that hard French cock!


Cheese, CherryPimps




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Published: December 7, 2020

Duration: 0:23:42
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