Stacy Cruz goes shopping with her stepfather, and they return home with a truckload of food. A cucumber in her hand immediately begins to arouse her. It reminds this busty teen beauty of a cock. What a shock it is to her stepgrandfather to see his stepgranddaughter fucking herself with a cucumber. It’s an even bigger surprise when the stepfather comes in and gets an eyeful. No stepdaughter of his is going to have to resort to using a cucumber on herself. Not when he’s got a massive cock that her mom can’t get enough of. They go back to his room, and that’s when he shows his stepdaughter why her mom married him. Hopefully, she is on the pill, or there will be some explaining to do if she gets knocked up by her very own stepfather.





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Published: February 8, 2019

Duration: 0:33:16
Views: 4.90K

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