Adira Allure has had enough of her wimpy husband. All he ever wants is to be fucked in the ass with different strap ons. Adira is the woman here and she needs fucked. Luckily for Adira her therapist Bella knows just the way to show Marcelo how its done. She whips open her jacket standing there with a strap on ready to go and Adira can not wait to get fucked by it. Bella fucks her hard from behind and forces Marcelo to clean up that dildo. Is that all he is good for? Cleaning up after watching his wife get fucked by their therapist? Bella makes sure Marcelo watches closely as that dildo penetrates Adira deep. This is how to fuck a woman; she has needs that need fulfilled!


CherryPimps, CuckedXXX




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Published: November 6, 2020

Duration: 0:18:25
Views: 3.59K

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