Is there anything more upsetting than the thought of your loved one being unfaithful? The pain is visible in Lovita Fate’s facial features, as she sits on the foot of the bed. Behind her is Lutro, the man she accuses of texting her sister. Lutro tries to convince Lovita that nothing inappropriate happened, though when asked to produce his phone, he claims not to have it. Maybe a massage might change her mind, thinks the man, but no, even still, Lovita remains steadfast in her resolve. Lutro tries promising to never text Lovita’s sister again, which puts a smile on the cute blonde angel’s face. Soon he’s making her expression change from playful to orgasmic, as Lutro eats Lovita’s pierced pussy, sucks on her tits, and then fucks her until she’s screaming from pleasure. In order to prove his loyalty to Lovita, Lutro cums deep inside of her, the creampie symbolizing their connection.

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