I was just about to head out to my friends house when my dad called me into the living room. We don’t talk much because I’ve been so busy with school lately, but I love catching up with him. It seems his gambling ways have gotten him into deep trouble again and hes going to need my help, but hey what are daughters for!? Anyways, he invited his friend over with his daughter Shane, this time to play at our house. Who knows, maybe home field advantage? A few rounds into the game and my dad is losing like there’s no tomorrow and I just didn’t know what to do because I am terrible. He was giving me the eye the entire time and now I know I gotta take drastic measures so I decide to stick Shane’s dads cock in my mouth. I knew that would get him going to where he would have to stop taking my dads money, but hey why stop there. Hes already taken so much money its only fair he gets a taste of his daughter too so I had him right where I wanted and that made me able to do the swap, now everyone is having fun and winning (smile).

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