Honey’s a sweet girl. She likes to help people. She helps out at school. She helps out at home. She just loves doing it. It makes her happy.

So when she see’s an ad to be a babysitter, she’s so excited! She gets to help people AND earn money? Sounds too good to be true!

Now most people know when something sounds too good to be true….it usually is. But Honey’s a sweet innocent lil girl. She doesn’t know that there’s bad men out there…bad men who like to do bad things to sweet innocent girls.

See…there IS a babysitting job. But its not what Honey thinks. You see….the babies she will be taking care of….are currently inside Branden’s big, heavy black balls. Balls swollen with cum, just waiting to impregnate another innocent little white girl. That’s the job Honey will be doing tonight: being a good little girl and doing everything Mr. Richards tells her to do….working extra hard so that those babies inside his musky black balls end up deep inside Honeys tight young pussy.

Honey is going to learn a few things today. About not answering strange ads. About how much her teen twat can take….and most importantly….Honey’s going to learn all about BIG BLACK DICK.


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Published: June 27, 2021

Duration: 0:54:10
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