Businessman Kristof Kale has decided to call on the services of Stefany Kyler. This beautiful woman full of surprises arrives at the businessman’s house and discovers that he has also invited Liya Silver. Then begins a delightful show in which the three protagonists let their bodies speak for themselves, and that, for the happiness of all.

Movie : Liya & Stefany Escorts deluxe

L’homme d’affaires Kristof Kale a décidé de faire appel au service de Stefany Kyler. Cette belle femme pleine de surprises arrive chez l’homme d’affaires et découvre qu’il a aussi convié Liya Silver. Commence alors un ravissant spectacle dans lequel les trois protagonistes laissent parler leur corps, et ça, pour le bonheur de tous.

Film : Liya & Stefany Escortes de luxe




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Published: August 2, 2021

Duration: 0:22:51
Views: 5.59K

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