Jean orders Clea, one of his loyal submissives, to take the two restaurant employees to the kitchen and agree to everything they ask her to do. Generous, the pretty brunette will do her best to harden their cocks and receive them one after the other. Sodomy, double penetration: the two men will fulfill all their fantasies.

Director: Hervé Bodilis

Movie: Mariska Desires of Submission

Elle Ne Refuse Rien

Jean ordonne à Cléa, une de ses fidèles soumises, d’emmener les deux employés du restaurant en cuisine et de ne rien leur refuser. Généreuse et toujours heureuse d’obéir à Jean, la jolie brune va s…

Réal: Hervé Bodilis

Film: Mariska la soumise




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Published: February 15, 2021

Duration: 0:32:45
Views: 9.12K

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