Whore Alert! So, what’s your fantasy Clove? “Yikes!” she replies, “That’s like a 20 person gangbang where I’m tied up and can’t do anything by the end of it… and I’m covered in cum”. Yea. I’d say that’s one definition of being a whore. Another might be the fact that she usually has a different guy, or girl, lined up and knows in advance who she’s fucking the days of the coming week. Giggity. Giggity. That’s a “Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday people”! Oh yea, you’re definitely a whore Clove, Giggity. “Are you going to do everything I tell you today”, Jake demands of her as he keeps that Hitachi on her clit for what seems an eternity! “Yes EVERYTHING!… Everything!”, she replied as the Hitachi on her clit brings her to a 3rd O already. Do you understand the implications of that statement dear? I think she does. And there hasn’t even been a cock yet introduced people. In fact our little Clove is a freak in the sheets if you can’t tell, and thinks all the kinky shit like rope bondage, gangbangs, rough sex, throat fucking, gagging, anal probing, erotic asphyxiation, etc, etc, etc on the internet is vanilla to this 5’0″ future starlet. So lets rewind a bit to when this all got started, and Jake surprises our little guest in the shower to get a quick BJ after checking out the merchandise. This girl has sucked a few cocks before you can tell. Then to the bed were this little race car needed no priming, confessing she had already jilled-off 2 times already that day. One of them was on the plane ride here. I’m telling you people, you need to keep your eyes open for young girls by themselves on Southwest Airlines heading to Phoenix. You just might catch a peak of a girl rubbing her pussy sitting next to you. Yes she’s a live one and after the interview ceased the rough shit shifts into gear. There’s lots of throat fucking, clit stimulation torture with the Hitachi, gagging, you know foreplay. Then Jake fucked this newbie well. I mean real well. She was so loud that I had to check the hotel door a few times to make sure the noises coming from outside our door were not the hotel security checking on a complaint. We here at ExCoGi don’t try to make things more than they are. In fact realism and actual events are what we thrive on and try to capture on film. So I won’t tell you Jake gave this girl the best ride she had ever had. Trust me it was a fucking fantastic test drive and she enjoyed everything “fucked-up minute” of the shit we did to this girl. But when Clove says, “I have no limits”. She means it. There was nothing we did to this girl that was a first, except filming it and letting our fans watch her first fuck on camera. It was extreme by ExCoGi standards, but we roll with the punches and try to cater the shoots around every girl that walks through our doors. Every one of our models we shoot are unique and beautiful in their own special way and Clove, aka Jenna Clove now, will surely be a wanted and in demand piece of whore meet strapped and hanging on any dominatrix’s wall for their torturing pleasure. That I can guarantee you! So sit back, hit play and enjoy this one. It was quite the experience to shoot it, so lets all watch it!






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Published: June 27, 2019

Duration: 1:33:21
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