ExCoGi is on a roll these days with the Senior honeys in High School. Amber Moore last week. Lena Ashworth this week. What’s next? These two lezzing out for a hot 3some? Enquiring minds want to know. So fresh out of class, and the school bell, is 18 year old Lena Ashworth who just turned 18 three weeks ago. They don’t come any fresher than that and yes she’s literally fresh off the campus. As soon as the school bell rang she raced to catching her flight immediately after classes ended on Friday. But Steve, why is such a young fresh girl wanting to take her clothes off and fuck a stranger on film for millions of adoring perverts to beat off to? Well it is true Lena’s an honors student. She also plays multiple musical instruments and speaks a few foreign languages. She has a strong 4.35 GPA and… Wait I’m not making a very good case as to why am I? Lets just say she plans to go places that’s for sure and the first place is in the backseat of my Porsche to let horn dog Jake Adams put his paws all over our inexperienced fresh as fuck newbie. But Steve, Come on? You’re not answering the question. Why? Ok ok ok. It’s a really fucked up situation this poor girl is in you see. So listen to this, her mom kicked her out of the house the day before her 18th birthday because, get this… She has a girlfriend. What the fuck lady!!! Hey this is 2021!!! What a CUNT. Yes a huge fat stinky CUNT with a capital C she is. Anyways, Lena just needs cash fast and we’re super happy to shower her with Benjamin’s this weekend to help her and her girlfriend move into their own place. See porn does have positive humanitarian collateral occasionally. Ok so anyways back to the slutty sex. Jake wastes no time getting Lena naked in the back seat and passionately kisses her quivering lips as he finger fucks that oh so tight pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you like a little slut?,” Jake asks of our honor student. “Yes, I want you to fuck me” she whispers back. “Fuck you like a what?” Jake demands she say it. “I want you to fuck me like a little slut” she whimpers as Jake rubs her clit to the first of many orgasms. Hot. Just fucking HOT AS HELL is all I can say and this is a great scene. Lena I swear to God looks like a high school band member that just left practice and got into the wrong car after school. Well everything about that last statement is true except she WANTED to get in our car and she begged Jake to fuck her good and he does. Lena’s been missing good dick her whole life you see and she’s been leaning towards pussy as her preference, she confesses. But all that’s about to change after today. Sorry girlfriend but your lover loves dick way too much and is going to need more of it from now on. Just saying. The rest of this scene is as super hot as this car sex and Jake fucks that little tight pussy so much Lena can’t walk straight the next day. You’re welcome girl, and did she break her all time record of number of orgasms? In her own words, she had way too many to count and this weekend was the best weekend of her life. We’re excited for you girl and your new life with your girlfriend. We hope everything works out. But in the mean time, sit back people. Cuz the rocket ship’s about to take off and take off it does.





Published: February 26, 2021

Duration: 1:31:16
Views: 7.15K

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