Michelle is a naughty girl, she always gets what she wants. How? By using her mouth and pussy, that’s how! She needed to borrow her step brother’s truck to go hang with some friends but he wasn’t having it. That was until she filled her mouth with his dick! Later on, she asked her step dad for some money to go shopping and he also said no, but this time Michelle wasn’t having it! She seduced him into licking her pussy and swallowed his meat until he exploded! The next morning she was playing with both their dicks under the table and Tony discovered that his step daughter was a total slut! After that there was no more secrets – Michelle was a pro at double teaming these dicks! She had her mouth and her tight pussy filled at all times until her face was covered in jizz!


FamilyStrokes, TeamSkeet


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Published: November 23, 2018

Duration: 0:56:36
Views: 3.10K

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  • keith andrew 3 months ago

    literally wish i could do a dp/dad and son scene with this company!!! right up my alley. and my straight older relative and i LOVE jerking off to this video. its so unbelievably hot. great job teamskeet 🙂 this polish boy is a hugeeee fan lol