Adria Rae Seduces Her Stepdad To Fuck Her Right Next To Her Mom

My new step father is a real hunk and hearing him fucking my mother really gets me hot. All I want is to feel his huge dick inside my pussy. He still has to get used to having me around because he goes to the bathroom naked and with a huge boner. He’s a little shocked by me being there and asking for sloppy seconds (woo-hoo), but while he’s in the crapper, I got a gem of an idea. My Mom is a deep sleeper so I use that to my advantage. I simply lie down next to her and start playing with myself.

When my stepdad comes back into the room, he quickly understands that he wants me as much as I want him. Now we’re talking! He makes me feel right at home by face fucking me. I’ve never gagged so much in my life. His cock is just so huge! I then get my wish come true when he fucks me long and hard. The bed is shaking like crazy and I can’t believe how my Mom never wakes up. Eventually, she does and you will love her reaction! This is turning out to be one happy family.

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