Fucking My Cute And Curvy New Neighbor Flash And Smash For Cash

I love South Florida! Favorite perk of living in Miami?? …girls, girls, and more girls! Seems like the hottest chicks from all over the country, and all over the world really, flock to my city, down to fuck and let their inner sluts roam free! A bikini clad cornucopia.. an endless supply of the most beautiful women on the planet… walking around in next to no clothing, oiled up and glistening under the SoFlo sun! Lucky for me, my neighborhood is in the heart of it all! Take yesterday for example… a friend and I were just out for a regular ass walk when I literally bumped into Eliza Eves, a cute and curvy New Yorker who just turned 18 and decided to move down to the 305. This sexy little sweetie pie was out in short shorts, a bikini top, and trying to teach herself to skateboard. After introducing ourselves, we were fast friends.. and when I got her to flash us right there in the middle of the street for 100$, I knew we caught ourself a winner! A few hundred dollars, and 20 minutes later… full on fucking outdoor sex in my backyard.. god I love this town! @eliza_eves @loganluckyxxx @tyler_steelxxx @filthyfuckerss Public nudity, flashing, young, teen, curvy, money, cash, blonde, neighbor, new girl, new, boy girl, blowjob, sucking, fucking, chubby, hd, big cock, POV, amateur, big ass,big tits, natural tits, all natural





Published: April 8, 2021

Duration: 0:55:47
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