Sami’s Statistics: Age: 20 | Height: 5’6″ | Figure: 32A-24-33
Joey’s Statistics: Age: 20 | Height: 5’4″ | Figure: 32A-24-33
These real life twins are just starting their experience in the adult industry, and they are very sexual and naturally orgasmic! They are introduced in the bedroom, where they talk about their relationship with each other and their sexual nature, then strip down and show off their bubble butts! The pair are given vibrators, and they start masturbating next to each other. Joey orgasms first, and notice how milky wet she gets! Those strong orgasmic contractions are very visible. Sami eventually has hers, she’s more quiet and shy about it, but she also gets milky with juices running down her butt! Her orgasms are strong and visible as well. After closeups of their clit and pretty private parts, they put on one piece outfits, and dance together to music, showing off their twerking skills… then wrestle each other on the bed. They experiment with the FTV Monster Toy, Joey barely gets the head in, while Sami gets half of it in! Then they use more medium sized dildos to fuck themselves next to each other, and both get really milky again… It goes back to more masturbating with vibrators, and two more strong orgasms! Later in the day, they’re wearing matching roper dresses, parading around a tourist area, and showing off their acrobatic and stretching skills. At home, they experiment anally with glass dildos and anal beads, going for an all-out anal experience together. Then its all about their perky nipples, which are identical to each other, stretching and pulling them, along with closeups. As the day comes to an end, they masturbate once again to orgasm, finger themselves, and talk about their sexual experience on the shoot.






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Published: September 16, 2019

Duration: 0:30:00
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