The guys at Girls Do Porn have been trying to get this chick on the site for a while but she’s been really nervous and, as she puts it, ‘sketched out’ which is probably why there was a delay. She’s a beautiful 18 year old cutie doing her very first adult video and she says she’s doing it for the money so I guess she’s pretty honest…she loves sex though, rating herself as an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. I guess it would be pretty weird if someone said they liked sex at a 2 or something, though! No worries on that front with this girl…she does, however, have a boyfriend who she’s keeping in the dark about her pornstar ambitions, so she’s not only hot and horny but she also has a dangerous streak to her! Pretty hot combination if you ask me. Man, I’ve written a good bit about this chick and that’s before she even gets naked! Usually, when that happens it’s because it’s a total letdown but man oh man not in this case…this girl has a fantastic tight little teen body on her and she seems like she knows how to work it, sucking cock before stripping down and showing perfect tits and a fucking amazing ass as she crawls into bed to get her sweet little pussy pounded! This beautiful spunky teen loves to ride a hard dick apparently, sliding that hole up and down on this lucky guy’s cock before she swallows a big load. Cannot wait to see more of this girl.

When you think of perfect bodies this is probably right about where your mind goes, at least if your tastes run towards beautiful spunky teens with incredible asses and perky sexy boobies! Girls Do Porn presents this hot 18 year old vixen…apparently, there were some delays involved in getting this girl on the site, I don’t know if that means she flaked before from being nervous or what but man oh man I’m glad she finally showed up because that body of hers is phenomenal! She has a lot of personality, she’s beautiful, her tits are perfect, her ass is perfect and she looks like a blast to fuck, this girl is just a win-win all around, hopefully, she does some more updates here and elsewhere so we get to see that body in action again!




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Published: December 21, 2018

Duration: 0:37:53
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