You guys know if a girl is getting a creampie on Girls Do Porn that means she has been on before and this perfect ass body has been on once before and it was amazing. This time she is back and trying some new things and taking a way harder pounding then last time!

You guys should recognize this chick I know I always commit all Girls Do Porn models to memory. She was on once before and I thought she was a little shy well that is definitely not the case in this new video from Girls Do Porn. This girl came back on the site because she wanted a good fucking and that’s exactly what she got. She seems so sweet and innocent but man you get this girl in a hotel room and all she wants is her pussy to be fucked harder. She got a couple of new things done to her in this video that you guys are going to like. The first one is you get to see her trying out anal. Well it’s not like dick in ass anal it’s more of a butt plug but still this is something she obviously hasn’t tried before. He is able to get the butt plug it and it’s vibrating in her ass while she is being fucked in her pussy and she is liking it. See this shit eating grin she has right now it’s the same smile she had when she was being double penetrated. It was pretty funny when the Girls Do Porn guy said she was getting double penetrated she said “that sounds dirty”, well my dear that’s because it is. Anyways the other thing she hasn’t ever done before is getting her pussy filled up with cum. She likes most college girls don’t want to get knocked up so they make the guys cum other places well Girls Do Porn probably paid out the nose but they got her to spread her legs up and take a huge cum deposit deep inside of her pussy. She is so exhausted by the end of this scene that I think she just went to sleep with the cum in her pussy and worried about it in the morning. I think the guy from who fucks all these girls always gives them quite the pounding but he must have drank some extra Redbull before this shoot because he just destroyed this girls pussy. I mean I haven’t seen a girl getting fucked so hard in my life. She wasn’t mad about it either, I think these guys found a girl who can keep up with them. She isn’t just any girl either I mean she is fucking super hot isn’t she? Just the perfect body on her and I like that she got some tan lines going on this time around. Those big natural tits of hers are to die for, I mean all in all a great scene.

I have to say I was pretty excited when I saw that Girls Do Porn brought back this check. If you guys need a refresher course then check out her first video here. In this one I don’t know if she went out and had a ton more sex after that first video or she is just more comfortable now but she seemed much more experienced. Just watch her gagging on this guys big dick taking him as deep as she can and she kept doing it over and over again, she must like it right? She works the balls now when she sucks dick and she can take a pounding like I have never seen before. I mean the guy from Girls DO Porn usually fucks these girls hard but this pounding was on a whole other level. He fucked her so hard and she just sat there and took it with a smile on her face she was loving this. She also tried something new in this video she got double penetrated. Not by two cocks but Girls Do Porn broke out a butt plug and gave her a experience she has never had before. It was a vibrating one so it really just turned her on, afterwards you can just hear how wet her pussy is. After the video is all said and done and she has cum dripping out of her pussy you can see just how exhausted she is, she probably just went to sleep after the cameras went out and cleaned up her pussy in the morning LOL!





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Published: May 10, 2018

Duration: 0:44:34
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