It’s only been about a month since this super hot blonde (not in white this time but I wanted to make sure you’re thinking of the right girl) came here to make her very first adult video but she just couldn’t wait any longer to get her hands on this dude’s big cock! As you may know, when a girl comes back to Girls Do Porn she tends to break into new territory and push her boundaries, and for this gorgeous blonde that means getting two guys into the mix instead of just one! She only takes these two dudes on one at a time though is the thing, I guess she wanted to pay extra close attention to those cocks…until they’re both ready to pop, which is when she drops on her knees and takes a facial from each of them! If you missed out on this chick’s first video (when she actually was in white) you can check it out right here, enjoy.

It’s been only about a month but this gorgeous blonde (not in white this time hahah) is back and she just has to get her hands on this guy’s dick again! This time however she’s pushing her limits a bit, getting another guy in the mix…she wants this Girls Do Porn return shoot to be one for the history books! I can’t say I’d argue with her, either; she’s got the face and the body for legend for sure as she gets naked and gets fucked by these two lucky dudes, ending up on her knees with a big double cum facial dripping down her smile.




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Published: July 30, 2019

Duration: 0:44:44
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