Look who’s back! It’s the gorgeous Asian high schooler from maybe a month or so ago…she had a great time her first time around and she decided to come on back to make her second adult video here on Girls Do Porn! This exotic 18 year old amateur honey gets right into it too, getting naked and on her knees after her re-introduction…as you know, on GDP when a girl returns she tends to try new things and push her envelope, and for this hottie that means taking on not one but TWO cocks at once! She sucks both guys off and then hops naked on the bed, getting her pussy fucked deep and giving the other guy a blowjob at the same time…they swap positions and she’s loving every second of this hot threesome, ending up wtih a nice double facial! If you missed out on her first shoot worry not, I’ll link it up right here for you.

This gorgeous Asian high schooler is back! We met her just a month or so ago making her very first adult video, and she enjoyed herself so much she decided to come back for her second update…and as you know, when a girl comes back for a repeat visit to Girls Do Porn she tends to push her limits, and for this girl that means fucking two guys at once! She takes both of them in her mouth first, sucking off one cock then the other, then she hops naked on the bed spreading her legs and getting fucked while giving a blowjob at the same time! The guys trade spots and this girl is loving it as she gets her tight little pussy fucked deep in a hot MMF threesome.




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Published: August 23, 2019

Duration: 0:44:56
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