Officer Marc Balde (Derrick Pierce) is doing his afternoon runs in his squad car. When he meets up with one of his informants, he’s notified about a disturbance down the street. He goes to check it out and sees that the two suspects (Honey Gold and Gina Valentina) are attempting to flee. He pursues them in his vehicle. Once they reach the end of the block, he continues the pursuit on foot until they’re apprehended. As they attempt to climb over a fence, he grabs and slams them on the hood of the squad car. When they claim to have done nothing wrong, Officer Balde then asks them if that’s the case then why are they running. When he checks the bag they had with them, he finds two spray paint cans. He can’t believe they ran away from him over two cans of fucking paint! Frustrated, he throws them in the back of the car and drives away. As he tries to figure out what to do with them, they simply can’t keep their mouths shut. When he makes a stop and drags them out of the car, they get the message quickly: he asks them if they want to go to jail. They both tell him they’ll do anything to get out of this. When they ask the officer what he wants, he starts groping them. They’re both disgusted by his behavior but are 18 and can’t afford to do any hard time. Honey tells Gina that they should just agree to what he wants and get it over with. The girls follow his instructions and start to undress each other. When he pulls out his dick, it’s clear what the girls need to do. When he’s done fucking them, he cums all over and gets in the car. He then drives off leaving them in the middle of nowhere. It looks like the girls are free to go; that is, if they can find their way home!


AdultTime, GirlsUnderArrest


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Published: September 21, 2018

Duration: 0:30:43
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