Kenna James is anxious and conflicted as she paces back and forth in her living room. She is about to go on a very special date with her girlfriend but is considering canceling it. It’s just that they agreed to have a threesome for the first time, and it’s time for said threesome, but Kenna isn’t sure she can go through with it — there’s too much pressure! What if everything goes WRONG??

As Kenna desperately wonders what to do, two devils, Lacy Lennon and Vanna Bardot, appear, being sexy manifestations of her conscience. Kenna is surprised but thankful for some input, though is a BIT confused by the lack of an angel… That’s when she learns that the angel switched sides because, for once, both she and the devil agree on something: Kenna NEEDs to have this threesome!

Kenna is surprised but still so uncertain, even as Lacy and Vanna both try and reassure her. When that fails, the devils instead begin seducing Kenna, wanting to boost her confidence and ease her into the new experience. It takes a moment or two but Kenna realizes that they’re coming onto her… and is then finally convinced to have a bit of fun to help clear her mind so that she can do the REAL thing later!




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Published: August 30, 2021

Duration: 0:37:57
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