Alright gloryholers, please give a warm welcome this week as we debut 23-year-old newcomer Alita in the booth on! This squeaky-voiced little stunner oozes youth and innocence, that is until she starts sucking off her TEN STRANGERS in the gloryhole. But first, let’s get to know her a little. Little Alita has only filmed two scenes before today, so she is BRAND NEW and genuinely fresh. Third time’s a charm, as Alita says. Even though she is a newbie, Alita still succeeds in attaining a perfect score and sucking off 100% of her anonymous men in the booth. Before shooting porn, Alita got by off the generosity of her Sugar Daddies. However, she is finding the work (and the guys) in the industry much more satisfying. Her natural boobs and butt go right along with her girl-next-door personality. You’ll see it all as she strips down and all her clothes come off by lucky guy #4. Remember, at we don’t dress the girls in wardrobe; they wear their real clothes, often what they wore coming in off the street! Reality porn doesn’t get any more real than this with Alita, folks! See what it would be like if your cute 20-something neighbor blew a bunch of random strangers in the dark. How many dudes can Alita get off next time, after she’s had a little more practice in the industry? 15? 20? We’ll see if she can maintain her perfect score. Until then, enjoy Alita’s FIRST GLORYHOLE at!





Published: September 29, 2019

Duration: 0:51:45
Views: 1.08K

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