Some girls are just built for the gloryhole. They’re the right mix of pretty and nasty and they know how to navigate through a sea of dicks and the cumshots that follow. Febby is just such a girl. She is so good at her gloryhole skills, we had to have her back for a second round. The fans demanded it, so we did it! Maybe one of the reasons Febby is so adept at navigating that sea of dicks is because she was born on a submarine. No joke. She has lived all over the world and sucked all manner of cocks from Tahiti to Timbuktu. Fun fact about Febby- she shot her FIRST SCENE EVER with us when she had her gangbang last year over on Here we are a year later and she is still just as sexy and even hornier than before. Modest Febby only rates herself a six or a seven on the cock-sucking ten scale, but we think you could add those two numbers together and get a more accurate score for how well she guzzles down all that semen. She thinks her mouth is too small, but she does such amazing things with it when a dick gets put in her face. The other bonus of watching Febby suck off a squadron of strangers is you get an amazing view of her epic ass while she swallows all those loads. Once that dress comes off, you’ll see her butt has only gotten better with time. The mystery hands that pop through the holes start getting Febby naked, but she teases for a little while before breaking out that secret weapon of gluteal fortitude. Which of her gloryhole appearances rocked harder, this one or last year’s? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Can’t make up your mind? Maybe Febby will have to come back for the three-peat. If she gets the call, she’ll be back in the booth on her knees in about ten minutes time. Come back next week to see if she is still sucking guys off when we turn the cameras back on for the next installment of!





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Published: August 9, 2020

Duration: 0:47:49
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