Looking at sexy 37-year-old Helena, it might not come as much of a surprise that she used to be a teacher. However, after getting to know Helena and what a supreme sex freak she is, the only subject you can picture her teaching is Sex Ed. She is into EVERYTHING, plus she likes guys and girls. For only the second time in history, Helena even has a female in the gloryhole today. This will be Helena’s first time in our booth, but it is not her first gloryhole. The anonymity is what really gets her off. She has been to some seedy, backroom porno theatre gloryholes in her personal life. There was still a camera involved back then, but just not for public consumption. This one will be, though. It’s particularly hard to keep it a secret when Helena is sucking off a bunch of strangers, because she makes noises with her mouth while she is sucking dick like a woman possessed! She must be working out some demons while she gives blowjobs because she certainly sounds like one. While there is something for everybody to enjoy about Helena, fans of natural bushes will be particularly pleased. Helena has an impressive garden growing between her sexy thighs. While she has had a lot of guys in the same day before, her gloryhole today might be the most she has ever had at once. Watch as she devours her men (and woman) with passion, speed, and 100% accuracy. This may be Helena’s first time in our booth, but something tells us it won’t be the last. If you enjoy her performance down on her knees, check out how she handles six guys at once in a gangbang over on Give us your comments about Helena below and we’ll make sure we hold onto her number so she can come back for a victory lap here on!





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Published: October 26, 2020

Duration: 0:44:48
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