The gloryhole just got a whole lot perkier this week with blonde cutie-next-door, Kay. She a midwestern babe with a pretty face and a butt that won’t quit. It will jiggle along with the rest of her as she sucks off and swallows the loads of a gang of anonymous strangers on the other side of the wall. 23-year-old Kay belongs to a large group of our girls who started their careers off in the fast food industry. However, she is making a much better living now and having a lot more fun on her knees than she was working the drive-through. Before jumping into porn, Kay also worked as a fire fighter. As she’ll demonstrate in the gloryhole today, she really knows how to handle those spraying hoses! However, before today, Kay had never sucked off more than five guys (which you might just be able to see over on soon), but today she is going to shatter that number and leave with a stomach full of cum. She’ll start off with an 11-inch challenge and wrap her pierced tongue around it to make it spurt down her throat in no time. Kay meets every challenge that pops through those holes until they all leave drained and satisfied. She looks pretty satisfied by the end too. Judge for yourself and enjoy Kay’s GLORYHOLE DEBUT here on GloryholeSecrets.





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Published: July 25, 2020

Duration: 0:46:01
Views: 1.57K

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