Today’s gloryhole girl proves variety is truly the spice of life! It’s been a while since we’ve catered to lovers of thicker girls. This week that crowd can rejoice and meet Zoey. At only 5’3″, she’s more of a skinny-thick chick, but that thickness hits in all the right places! Did somebody say badonkadonk butt? We’ll get to that later. Though she has been in the industry since she was 19, this will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE ever. Even though it has been nine years since she got her start, Zoey still looks 19 with her cherubic face and that perky demeanor. It’s a wonder she hasn’t done this before, because Zoey has a particular talent for the oral arts. Listen to the loud gagging and gargling noises she makes as she sucks off her strangers, then look at all the slobber she drools down onto her natural boobs (and heart-shaped bush) while she swallows all those anonymous strangers’ loads. It’s like she has her own language with all the different tones she emits while all those dicks are down her throat, kind of like a sexy whale song. Zoey isn’t even fazed when the hands pop through the holes for the GLORYHOLE HANDSHAKE, revealing her huge nipples. They pop out before the interview even ends and then it is off to the races. Zoey gets sloppy quickly, so the clothing comes off in pretty short order. That’s when we get to see that butt! Zoey is cute all around, but dat ass is definitely her showpiece. Between the throat yogurt she produces from her mouth and the junk she has in her trunk, it’s hard to decide on which end to concentrate. Watch the video at least twice so you can appreciate everything from all angles. Tell us in the comments which was your favorite. Bonus points awarded for those who exceed ten viewings. Next week we’ll find another unique cutie for you, but chances are she won’t be as delightfully messy as Zoey. Who will it be? Come back next week and find out at!





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Published: December 5, 2020

Duration: 0:38:33
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