Crystal Taylor, a teacher who has stayed late after class, decides to get frisky and lowers her pants to start masturbating. As the heat turns up, she pulls out a dildo from her desk drawer and starts to use it. But shortly after, she drops it onto the floor, and when she bends over to pick it up, she gets stuck under her desk! Just her luck, mere moments later a student, Angel Youngs, drops by and catches the teacher bare-assed and stuck! Crystal is mortified and begs for Angel to help her free. Angel mischievously asks Crystal what she would be willing to do to get help, and Crystal says anything! So Angel asks Crystal to eat her out first, and Crystal agrees, lavishing Angel’s pussy with lots of attention. Then Angel decides to be nice and get behind the stuck teacher, offering to give Crystal’s pussy some attention, too! After giving Crystal some delightful pleasure, Angel finally helps her to get unstuck, so they can continue their fun sex romp. Their clothes come off, and their energy goes way up, as they get lots of joy out of the dildo, and each other!


AdultTime, GoStuckYourself




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Published: July 31, 2021

Duration: 0:37:01
Views: 4.49K

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