Misha Cross knows her husband is fucking another woman so she steals his phone and uses it to invite his mistress Lana Roy over to the house while he’s out running errands. Lana, upon entering the house, is shocked to find her fuck buddy Thomas’s wife sitting on the couch waiting for her. She knows she’s busted! What Lana doesn’t know, however, is that Misha has devised a plan to take revenge on her husband. Misha wants to fuck Lana herself. Being in the vulnerable position that she’s in, Lana follows the instructions given to her by Misha. After both are mostly naked, the two take turns putting their tongues and fingers deep inside of each other’s pussies. Roughly 20 minutes into the lesbo fuck session, Misha’s husband Thomas returns, and despite being slightly surprised at the scene he’s walked into, quickly joins to fun, and the threesome begins. After slamming both of their cunts with his stiff cock, Thomas empties his load into both of the whores’ mouths.


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Published: August 30, 2021

Duration: 0:56:32
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