85 lb Chanel Shortcake sent me a message on twitter that she would like to come see me so I invited her over to go swimming. She asks for some suntan lotion and takes off her top. I rub it all over her tiny little body. I can’t control myself any longer and turn her around and start to aggressively finger her little pussy. I start fucking her hard form behind. I fuck her face roughly outside on the lawn chair before fucking her more and taking her inside. I pick her up by her throat and throw her on the couch. I stick my 4 fingers all the way down her throat and roughly fuck her face & pussy more in multiple positions in the living room. Finally I take her to the bedroom to finish her off. I pick her up in the air and walk around eating her pussy before power bombing her on the bed. I fuck her face & pussy more and more roughly before coming inside her tight little pussy. I tell her daddies not done and blindfold her and take her outside. I choke slam her into the pool, you won’t believe what happens after that!






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Published: December 8, 2020

Duration: 1:34:15
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