Hi boys!

My name is Amber and I just joined this site a couple days ago, so far I LOVE IT!!!

A little about me: I’m a bimbofication whore. I was made to please men and get their cocks hard. I’m here for you to do anything you want to me! I get a lot of compliments from men, usually about my tits. They’re 2500cc and weigh 6 pounds each! They are a lot of fun to smack around and I LOVE to puke on them! I’m not looking for a boyfriend or anything serious right now, but I only let respectful and good men use me like the fuck doll I am, so make sure you treat me like a good whore! I’ve already met up with a few different men since I joined up the other day, but I got a feeling I’ll be coming back for more and more! If you wanna meet me then just send me a message here on the site and I’ll come over right away!

K talk to u soon boys!

Amber xxx


EvilAngel, HookupHotshot




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Published: September 9, 2019

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