Ever fucked on camera in front of a cameraman you don’t really know? Kinda nerve wracking the first time! However, once you get over that hump and get those first time nerves out and start enjoying all the good stuff that comes along with a good FUCK, then all of a sudden, you’re having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Pretty much sums this hot scene up in a nutshell. Luke Mason was so nervous that you can see him shaking on camera when him and Piper Madison were getting warmed up! Thanks to TOO HARD, Luke’s nerves didn’t get in the way and his dick was DEFINITELY still ready to go. These two fucked all over the room! Up against the glass, on the bed, you name it. What a hot couple! Luke has some massive hairy legs and we can’t get enough of them.






Published: November 3, 2020

Duration: 0:31:19
Views: 2.73K

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