Violet Rain just got her SAT scores back and she cannot wait to tell her teacher because he is the one who helped her study for it. She rushes into his class and gives him a huge hug and tells him how well she did. But then she notices that he is packing his things up in boxes. He tells her that he has to leave because his wife found out that he is attracted to her. Once this news is revealed, Violet can barely respond. But when she gathers herself, she tells him there is no way he is leaving while she is still there. She gets down on her knees and puts his stiff ruler dick in her mouth, getting it nice and wet for penetration. Then, he picks her up and fucks her, giving her the strength and support she needs from an authority figure. Finally, he bangs her while she lays on her back, and then busts a fat wad of knowledge all over her. Looks like Violet got all the extra attention she needed! Do you think Violet is a sexy student?


InnocentHigh, TeamSkeet




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Published: December 24, 2018

Duration: 0:43:07
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