Koi Miyamura is at the Doctors office getting horny. She is a medical professor and has a student that must perform some surgery tomorrow. He is not sure and not confident that he can do it. What she must do is help him to release his pressure and calm him so he can have the confidence to do this. Koi has a method to help her students. As a doctor she knows the human body very well. She knows how to touch it and arouse it and help the body release all the pressure inside. Here in this video Koi strips her student and touches his body to help him. Her student is so stimulated that his cock fills with blood and is yearning to get out of his pants. Koi takes his cock in her hands and caresses his balls. She strokes his hard cock in her hands as he watches her. Her petite hands are warm to the touch on his cock and she seems to be enjoying jerking his dick off as much as he enjoys the hand job. Koi kneels down in front of him and begins to lick his cock and tease his cock. She loves to edge her man to the brink of climax and hold him there while he is begging to release his cum in her mouth. Koi starts to suck his dick slowly as he moans and yearns for release. She licks his nipples and gets him harder as she whispers to him how much his cock makes her pussy wet. She takes all of his cock deep in her mouth and waits for him to let go and blow his cum inside her mouth. She loves the taste of cum and enjoys that hot liquid in her mouth. She shows him his cum in her mouth as he relaxes from blowing his wad of man juice inside her.





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Published: December 14, 2020

Duration: 0:16:00
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