Yura Hitomi has started her first day at a new school as a home room teacher. She is so excited to be starting her new job and is somewhat nervous to start her first day and meet the students in her class. Yura is wearing her shortest skirt when she enters the classroom and all the male students notice her her long beautiful legs. Yura is a typical lovely Japanese single lady and has a sweet figure with large breasts and a tight sweet ass. This all male class is eager to get to know her and once the administrator has left the classroom after introducing her, they all jump and pounce on her as they have decided that she is so hot looking they all want a piece of her. In this fantasy situation, the students all start to grab at her and tear at her clothes. They want to see Yura naked and they all grab her tits and ass and pull down her skirt and unbutton her top to get to her private parts. She is wearing a cute matching bra and panties and as the students strip off her clothes some of them begin kissing her mouth deeply while others go to work on her pussy while her panties are still on. They pull down her bra and play with her pink nipples as they finger fuck her through her panties. The more they work on her pussy the hotter she gets. As they are all so hungry for her, they take off her panties and bra and leave her skirt on and push her down on the ground so she can suck each one of their cocks. After they are all sucked, each one of them takes his turn to fuck that sweet clean shaven pussy. She has taken care of her pussy and it is kept nice and tidy and the boys all enjoying filling her pussy with their hot cum. This has been an exciting first day of school for Yura and she wonders if she will be getting fucked like this every day. Her pussy just drips with so much cum. Finally the school administrator comes into the classroom seeing Yura on the floor and decides that he needs her to suck on his hard cock as well.





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Published: November 28, 2020

Duration: 1:07:03
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